Public transport concessional passes
"Mi muovo insieme" 2017

The region Emilia-Romagna, with resolution n. 1982 dated 30/11/2015, has again provided for 2017 the issue of the “Mi muovo insieme” concessional passes intended for the protected categories (the elderly with low incomes and the disabled and similars).

(Regional Council Resolution 2034/2007 and ensuing alterations)

The disabled and similars

Categories that are admitted to local public transport concessions:

  • 1) Disabled people or due to an industrial accident, with 100% recognized permanent disability
  • 2) Totally blind or deaf-mute (Totally blind or deaf-mute, even if under the age of 18)
  • 3) Blind with a sight residue that isn’t higher than 1/10 in both eyes, attainable through the correction of lenses
  • 4) Mutilated/Disabled: ex-serviceman, person wounded in the war, in an industrial accident that can be ascribed to 1st category disability, including 1st category disability with supplementary welfare cheques
  • 5) Mutilated/Disabled: ex-serviceman, person wounded in the war, in an industrial accident for disability concerning physical integrity that can be ascribed from 2nd to 5th category of table A) enclosed to Law 18.3.68 n. 313
  • 6) The disabled who are younger than 18, recognized by the relevant medical Committee as being entitled to mobility allowance as provided for by law n.18/80 or attendance allowance as provided for by law n.289/90
  • 7) Person with a Pacemaker or undergoing haemodialysis, as stated in his/her health certificate, assimilable to the disabled category as to point 1)
  • 8) Person suffering of serious mental disorders, taken care by Simap (Mental Health Service and Psychiatric Help), provided with a Simap health certificate
  • 9) People with serious handicaps (as to article 3 paragraph 3 Law 5/2/92 n. 104 and established in conformity with art. 4)
  • 10) Mutilated/Disabled in an industrial accident with permanent disability higher than 50%
  • 11) Disabled Person with an established working ability reduction which isn’t lower than 2/3
  • 12) Knight of Vittorio Veneto and war widows
  • 13) Ex-Nazi death camps deportees or victims of political, religious or racial persecution
  • 14) Refugees and people who have the requisites described as to Legislative Decree 28th January 2008, n.25.

The elderly

Ages not under:
- 58 years old for women
- 63 years old for men

Aggregate income for 2013, the same or below as follows: 
- € 18.314,00 (€ 28.708,00 if drawn with the spouse’s);
- € 20.392,00 for unmarried people who live alone.

Typologies and modes of issue

Fares are differentiated according to the selected route and to the income bracket.

Downloadable forms

You can download the forms of self-certification of the right to take advantage of the preferential tariff; fors must be filled in all the parts and delivered to the Bus Point of your Area.